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Reconceptualizing Free Trade Agreements Through a Sustainable Development Lens

Contribution to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Policy Hackathon on Model Provisions for Trade in Times of Crisis and Pandemic in Regional and Other Trade Agreements by Katrin Kuhlmann, Tara Francis, Indulekha Thomas, Malou Le Graet, Mushfiqur Rahman, Fabiola Madrigal, Maya Cohen, and Ata Nalbantoglu (July 2020)

Business Registration Process: Ghana, the Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

Contributors include Heesoo Park, Jacob Stansell, Jennifer Byrne, Laura Clark, Miao Pan, Natalie Gallon, Prianka Mohan, and Thinlay Chukki under the supervision and guidance of Katrin Kuhlmann (Fall 2018)

Harvard Law School Trade Innovation Initiative: Summary of Findings on Trade and Development in Free Trade Agreements

Contributors include Lauren Anstey, Ted Brackemyre, Gianna Ceophas, Luke Holladay, Ben Hopper, Camille Martini, Jordan Movinski, Caroline Wilson, and Keke Wu under the supervision and guidance of Katrin Kuhlmann (Fall 2015)

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