Leveraging Law and Regulation for Sustainable Economic Development   

The New Markets Lab (NML) is a center for innovation in law and economic development that applies a systems approach to the design and implementation of market rules. NML was established to leverage law and regulation as a tool for sustainable economic development and build legal capacity in an evolving global market. 
NML's international team of lawyers specializes in areas that hold significant potential for economic development but are also heavily regulated, such as trade, agricultural markets, services, standards, and the digital economy.  

Scaling an Innovative Model for Legal and Regulatory Change

that uses scenario-based training and information-sharing tools (such as Legal and Regulatory Guides) to engage stakeholders from across the public and private sectors in developing and applying legal and regulatory systems to generate inclusive market growth.


Building Capacity in Law and Development

for policymakers and regulators, negotiators, lawyers, enterprises, NGOs, and industry associations through interactive legal tools, stakeholder consultation, ongoing partnerships, and scenario-based regulatory modules. NML’s president, Professor Katrin Kuhlmann, teaches courses at Georgetown University Law Center (and has also taught at Harvard Law School) that are designed to give students exposure to the substance and practice of law and development. 

Re-framing the Discussion on International Economic Law and Policy

by engaging diverse partners in reframing the discussion on international economic policy and law in order to make economic legal and regulatory systems more transparent, accountable, and participatory.

Improving the Implementation of Economic Law

NML’s approach focuses on the design and implementation of economic law and regulation, highlighting regulatory tradeoffs and good practices.   In order to improve the implementation of economic law, NML has developed a set of Regulatory Systems Maps, which have become a useful tool for governments, businesses, and institutional partners to prioritize options for regulatory reform and weigh appropriate interventions.

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